Risk Assessment

 The purposes of the audit committee are:

  • Evaluating management's assessment of the body's system of internal controls (4-35-105(1))
  • Informing the comptroller of the treasury of the results of assessment and controls to reduce the risk of fraud (4-35-105 (4))

Management conducts a formal risk assessment of its institution to be approved by the audit committee.

Risk Assessment Tool 

The Chief Audit Executive was charged with the task of researching and determining what products were available to conduct a risk assessment.  The Chief Audit Executive selected the "Crawford Risk Analysis Tool."  The Crawford Tool is a series of linked excel spreadsheets with embedded macros, that, based on management's input, produce various risk assessment documents.

Crawford Risk Assessment Tools

  1. Microsoft Office document icon Instructions
  2. Office spreadsheet icon Brainstorming Spreadsheet
  3. Control Footprint Spreadsheet
  4. Risk Footprint Spreadsheet
  5. Consequences Spreadsheet
  6. Macros Spreadsheet
  7. Formatted Risk Footprint
  8. TBR Corrective Action Plan

If you have questions regarding the Risk Assessment Process or a specific question about the Risk assessment tools, please contact an Internal Audit Representative

Financial Integrity Act 

This Risk Assessment process is also used to comply with the PDF icon Financial Integrity Act.