Establishment of Office by Complete College Tennessee Act 2010

In January of 2010, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the Complete College Tennessee Act, which called for the establishment of a comprehensive statewide community college system of coordinated programs and services. The intent of the legislation was to:

  • Enhance student success and increase the numbers of college degrees held by Tennesseans.
  • Establish a comprehensive statewide community college system, from the existing system of thirteen independently managed institutions.
  • Consolidate services among institutions and standardize processes between institutions, including student services, academic support and institutional support.
  • Use block scheduling and cohort programming as a means of delivering education programs that result in more rapid and higher rates of program completion.
  • Create mutually beneficial relationships with the postsecondary technology centers such that certificate programs may be offered at community colleges sites and community college courses may be offered at technology centers.

In direct response to the legislation, the Tennessee Board of Regents established the Office of Community Colleges (OCC).  The realization of the OCC occurred in October 2011, with the hiring of the first Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges, Dr. Warren Nichols.