How to Get Started with the Multi-Functional Device Contract


Institutions should start the process with RJ Young at minimum of six (6) months prior to a contract effective date.  Please contact Tom Bush at 615-255-8551 (office), 615-509-7804 (cell) or at to schedule a meeting to discuss implementation.

Walk Through Process

Step One is to have a walk through with key personnel at the Institution and RJ Young.  Use the PDF icon RJ Young On-Site Survey Walkthrough Checklist to ensure that you have the appropriate persons present.  The purpose of the walk through is to review space and electrical availability, meet with IT regarding any standardizations required on machines, meet with the departments regarding its multi-functional device needs.    If your Institution chooses to waive the walk through process, they must print and sign the PDF icon RJ Young Waiver Form.

Tracking actual usage

Once the initial meeting and walk-through has occurred, RJ Young will work with your IT staff to place a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on the network to track usage volumes.  It is recommended to have at least three (3) months of activity for RJ Young to make the most effective recommendations for the Institution’s needs. Office spreadsheet icon RJ Young Sample DCA Report

Once the walk though has occurred, and volumes have been monitored, RJ Young will develop a quotation and present it to the Institution to include recommended machines, pricing and estimated delivery timeframes.   If the institution approves the proposal, the Institution will issue a Purchase Order to RJ Young.