Achieving the Dream


All TBR colleges are engaged with Achieving the Dream, a community college reform network focused on equity and student success.  Tennessee’s involvement with ATD goes back to 2015 when the state provided initial funding for two community colleges to join the network. By 2018 all 13 TBR community colleges were ATD network members and in 2020 all of the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology joined the network as well.

With the assistance of ATD coaches and by participating in ATD sponsored teaching and learning opportunities, the colleges are making evidence (data) based decisions about how to ensure that their existing priorities and initiatives are intentionally designed so that each student has access to what is needed to be successful.  This work focuses on reducing barriers to success for targeted populations of students, with an emphasis on students of color and low-income students. 


TBR Dream Scholars

Eve Miclaus, Roan State Community College, 2023

Zennia Nesmith, Chattanooga State Community College, 2022

Tyuan Nguyen, Northeast State Community College, 2020

Samantha Parrish, Northeast State Community College, 2019

TBR Leader Colleges

Cleveland State Community College, 2021

Chattanooga State Community College, 2020

Southwest Tennessee Community College, 2020

Roane State Community College, 2019

Leader College of Distinction

Roane State Community College, 2020, 2022

Chattanooga State Community College, 2023