Let's Talk About Race (Workshop 1)

Meeting Details

11/19/2020 - 10:00am
Virtual - Teams Meeting

Workshop 1 - The Socialization of Race and Racism

Understanding race from both a historical and contemporary lens is critical in fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging. This first workshop focuses on the history of race and how societal constructs have perpetuated individuals and communities to learn and internalize various norms and stereotypes about groups other than their own.


Greg Fontus
CEO The Fontus Experience

Greg Fontus has over 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience challenging others to go higher. Greg holds a graduate degree from the University of South Florida in Curriculum & Instruction as well as one from Vanderbilt University in Divinity. Additionally, he also holds certifications as a Cook Ross Unconscious Bias Trainer, a Green Dots Bystander Intervention Trainer, and a National Coalition Building Institute Trainer. As a sought-after speaker, educator, consultant, and minister, he has been inspiring others all across the country to be change agents within their spheres of influence. Greg demonstrates exceptional communication skills with extensive public speaking and presentation experience. His ability to build trusting relationships, enthuse, motivate, and work towards practical solutions has proven to be an invaluable asset to both people and organizations at-large.


• To build an awareness and understanding of how prejudices and social inequalities are historically and socially constructed in defining modern impressions of race and ethnicity.

• To gain an understanding of the concepts of power, privilege, and systems of oppression.

• To individually commit to liberating behaviors and attitudes to help alleviate the impact of racial oppression within one’s own campus environment.

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