Our Work

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

OE provides guidance and support on initiatives designed to increase representation and engagement opportunities at all levels for underrepresented minorities (students, faculty, and staff) and engages TBR system institutions by cultivating programs, policies, practices, and innovative solutions for creating an educational environment that fosters access, inclusion and success. The goal of increasing diversity in TBR institutions takes on new meaning through the lens of college completion. Building and sustaining diversity comes by creating inclusive environments that value each person and his or her unique and common elements.  Inclusiveness leads to engagement and engagement is a critical factor in student success. These efforts also contribute to the workforce development mission of the enterprise by producing more students who meet the needs of the business community for diverse and culturally competent graduates who are prepared to work in a more global, interconnected environment.

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Completion Delivery

The Office of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Completion Delivery Unit (CDU) is a team of individuals who serve as a dedicated resource to focus system and campus leadership on how the collective work relates to the system’s completion goals.  In most instances the CDU is not charged with doing the work; however, CDU members provide an extra set of eyes and hands that constantly maintain focus on the completion agenda. Understanding that colleagues who lead and execute the ongoing work are stretched thin, the CDU seeks to facilitate the work of these individuals by bringing rigor, continuity, and open communication about progress so that work stays on track. This is accomplished by realistic analysis and forecasting of data; honest (and timely) assessments of progress and barriers to success; and problem-solving as appropriate. 

Minding the Gap: As one of the key priority strategies in the system completion agenda, TBR is committed to the principles of the Access to Success program, a national initiative designed to address the achievement gaps between underrepresented minority students and others, and low income students and others. Learn more about Minding the Gap.