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Competency-Based Education

Improving Opportunity and Access to Learning in Tennessee

Competency-Based Education is a pedagogical approach to designing courses where students are expected to demonstrate competencies aligned with clearly defined learning objectives. Demonstration of competencies is achieved through reliable and authentic assessments created by the course designer/instructor. Course competencies are the skills, knowledge, processes, and/or procedures that a learner can perform after completing the course modules. Relevant learning activities are aligned to course competencies and performance assessments.

Competency-Based Education at TBR is defined as an innovative, student-centric approach to post-secondary learning, that promotes open access and improves opportunities by removing barriers for adult learners in Tennessee. Competency-Based Education is designed for student achievement by mastering clearly defined real-world competencies based on workforce needs, minimizing the time from enrollment to employment.

Compentency-Based Education Resource Site

Use this link to access our CBE resource site to find information on program development, course development, training, etc.



Meet Your Competency-Based Education Team

The Competency-Based Education Team was formed in August of 2021 and charged with the task of building a Competency-Based Education model for TBR. This Team looks forward to supporting the college faculty members every step of the way in developing quality Competency-Based Education courses.

  Sarah Hazelton Competency Based Education Curriculum Coordinator 

Sarah Hazelton, MBA
Competency-Based Education
Curriculum Coordinator
(615) 366-3906

  Dr. Jamie Nelson Competency Based Education Curriculum Coordinator



Dr. Jamie Nelson
Competency-Based Education
Curriculum Coordinator
(615) 366-3901

  Cheryl Tays Competency Based Education Curriculum Coordinator  

Cheryl Tays, MS, Ed.S
Competency-Based Education
Curriculum Coordinator
(615) 366-3904

The Competency-Based Education Team is led by Dr. Chuck Lopez, Assistant Vice Chancellor of  Academic Affairs. He can be reached at (615) 366-3941 or chuck.lopez@tbr.edu.



Innovative, Student-Centric, Real World

"Competency-based programs are generating increased interest and awareness in higher education. Many colleges and universities see the potential to better plan, organize, and deliver educational opportunities and experiences..." 
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"Using demonstrations of learning to give more people access to educational opportunity..."
Lunina Foundation

"Competency-Based Education is not a new concept in the United States..."
The Journal of Competency-Based Education