Office of System-wide Internal Audit

What We Do

The Office of System-wide Internal Audit serves the Audit Committee of the Tennessee Board of Regents as mandated by Tennessee Code Annotated 49-14-102.  The Audit Committee provides oversight and accountability for all institutional operations within the TBR system.  Internal Audit provides the system with independent, objective assessments of internal controls, governance, and risk management processes.  Internal Audit supports the system’s mission and strategic plan through audit and consulting activities designed to add value to the system’s operations.  The office evaluates risks related to the system’s objectives, operations, governance, and information systems, and the potential for fraud, waste, or abuse of resources. The office assesses the effectiveness of the system’s internal controls in mitigating and responding to those risks, and assesses compliance with policies, laws, and regulations.  System-wide Internal audit is responsible for receiving, assessing, and investigating allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse.

System-wide Internal Audit provides oversight for the system for any audits by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office and other external auditors or reviewers.  The office coordinates and administers the internal audit function for the system and the campus internal audit offices, including issuing audit reports to system management, the TBR Audit Committee, the Comptroller’s Office, and any applicable external entities.  System-wide Internal Audit compiles and reports all audit plans, audit reports, fraud allegations, investigations, consulting services, and other activities of the system and campus offices to the TBR Audit Committee quarterly.  The office also provides the Audit Committee with annual summaries of all activities for the previous year.  The office plans and coordinates audits of TBR and campus chief executive officers.

Mission: To enhance and protect the value of the Tennessee Board of Regents system and its institutions by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight to management and the Board.

Vision: We strive to accomplish our mission in a proactive, collaborative manner with fairness, competency, and professionalism to provide services valued by management and the audit committee.









Who We Are