If you are planning to relocate your business to Tennessee, expand your existing operations, reinvest in human capital to close an urgent skills gap, or need to innovate for competitive reasons, The College System of Tennessee is poised to assist you in designing and delivering a workforce development strategy that meets your goals and objectives. 

In partnership with the Tennessee State Department of Economic and Community Development and other state agencies, The College System of Tennessee, offers TN Trained, a system-wide state approach which provides businesses and industry with a full range of workforce development strategies that deliver customized training aimed at staffing businesses with the best-trained workforce. 

Regardless of industry sector, TNTrained can provide workforce solutions designed to fit your company’s unique culture, processes, growth expectations and employee retention levels. TNTrained provides a single point of contact to gauge the expertise and resources needed from our 13 community colleges and 27 colleges of applied technology. Once identified, we can quickly mobilize those resources into a plan of action. Whether there is need for job-specific training, leadership development or workforce consultation, this system-level approach is adaptive, scalable and long-term in nature. 

More Information

On how TN Trained can address your business challenges through workforce development planning, contact:

TBR Office of Economic and Community Development

Dr. Carol G. Puryear
Vice Chancellor
615-366-4461 x401

Nathan Garrett
Assistant Vice Chancellor
615-366-4401 x404

Deanna Morris-Stacey
Director of Programs and Initiatives
615-366-3917 x403

TN Trained


The process begins with our team listening to your specific workforce needs. TNTrained will learn your company’s culture, critical and basic skill requirements, and staffing needs to build the foundation that supports all aspects of future training.


We design a custom curriculum for your organization’s training based on industry-identified skills. It is the goal of TNTrained to underscore the company’s culture, skills, and expectations.


TNTrained institutions will create a delivery plan of action customized to your unique employer and employee needs. Location, timeline and content will be developed around the needs identified in the consultation phase.


TNTrained is committed to ensuring that best-in-class training programs are supported by consistent and transparent evaluation of skills attainment. Industry feedback and data-driven metrics will drive the continuous improvement process.