Veteran Benefits

There are plenty of opportunities for financial assistance when applying to college, but there are programs available specifically for veterans.

GI Bill Benefits

GI Bill Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a lot of information on their website related to how much financial aid you qualify for, based on your period of service. In addition, you can apply on-line and go through a series of Frequently Asked Questions, that may help you get a better understanding of how college can be affordable for you.

Check out their website here, to start getting information.  When you're ready, you can start filling out the online application.

Military Student

Helping Heroes

The Helping Heroes Grant is for veterans who have served in the Post 9/11 era. There are several pre-requisites to determine eligibility, including having an Honorable Discharge, having received an Iraq or Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, and be a Tennessee resident for a minimum of one year prior to receiving the grant. Recipients can receive $1,000 per semester when you take a full course load (12 hours), without receiving a failing grade. If you're a part-time student (between 6 and 11 credit hours), you can still receive $500 each semester. Funds are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so get your application in as soon as you can.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Veteran Readiness and Employment

Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) is a program administered by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs to guide veterans through career counseling, personal academic support, and also in some cases financial assistance. Learn more about the program at the VA website.

There are specific eligibility requirements related to entitlement to funds. Veterans with a service-connected disability rating of at least 10% from the VA, are eligible. 

Military Transition Grant

Military Transition Grant

The primary goal of the Grant program is to accelerate the success of veterans already enrolled on Tennessee campuses, and create favorable conditions to recruit new student veterans. 

Academic Credit for Military Training/Experience

Prior to enrollment, current and former service members may utilize the Servicemember Opportunity Portal to review all colleges where your military experience may equate to academic credit. To give you a complete picture of your options, including maximum possible academic credit, you will specify your Military Occupation Specialty, rank, and training date. This information will generate a list of institutions where credit may be awarded at Tennessee public colleges.

As part of the process to maximize credit for military experience, you will need to include your military transcripts. The procedure for requesting these can be found below.

Depending on which branch you served in, look below to see how to go about getting your military transcripts.

For questions about support for veterans, military personnel, and their families, please contact:

Robert M. Denn, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Veterans Services Officer
Tennessee Board of Regents
1 Bridgestone Park
Nashville, TN 37214


Additional Resources

Department of Veteran Affairs– Provides answers to over 400 frequently asked questions.

College Affordability for Veterans (Resource Guide)

Tennessee Department of Veteran Affairs

VA Forms

Comparison Tool/Payment Rates

Veterans Job Bank– A central source for job opportunities without having to visit multiple sites. Site is powered by the National Resource Directory (

For questions about Veteran Educational Benefits, please contact:

Johnathan Button
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student and Financial Aid Services
Tennessee Board of Regents
1 Bridgestone Park
Nashville, TN 37214