Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support

Rethinking Remediation, Creating a Pathway to Postsecondary Success

The Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) program targets students who have not achieved college readiness benchmarks by introducing the college developmental curriculum into the high school senior year.

Developed by K-12 teachers and higher education faculty, SAILS embeds the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Learning Support competencies into the high school senior year math course, allowing students to begin their higher education career prepared for credit-bearing coursework.

SAILS utilizes a facilitated hybrid instructional model, combining the professional pedagogical expertise of the certified teacher with dynamic properties of multimedia and digital content. Research supports that this blended system of teaching and learning is the most effective at engaging students with their work, and increases their success rate.


SAILS Math: Students must score an 18 or less on the math component of the ACT.

Advantages to Students

Students who complete the SAILS course:

  • Earn their high school math credit
  • Eliminate the need for developmental courses in college
  • Can enter college-level math without having to retake the ACT or Accuplacer test
  • Remove the financial burden of paying for developmental classes in college
  • Save time when they can start college-level work right away (“get ahead” and not “catch up”)
  • Increase their chance of earning a degree and graduating on time
  • Establish relationships with field coordinators who can assist in their transition to a college or TCAT


SAILS Contact Information

Phone: 615-365-1518


Twitter: @SAILSTennessee

Statewide Impact

As part of Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55 Initiative, SAILS TN is attracting national attention for its innovative and practical solution to the college readiness problem. The SAILS program is a collaboration with all 13 community colleges, the Tennessee Board of Regents, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Tennessee Department of Education, and the Governor’s Office. It is leading the way in transforming the college readiness landscape in the state.

SAILS Accolades

The SAILS Math program was highlighted by Inside Higher Ed and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a promising best practice in reducing the need for college remediation.

SAILS is proud to be the recipient of the Education Commission of the States’ 2018 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation. The award recognizes states for enacting innovative education reforms and programs that go beyond incremental changes to improve student outcomes on a large scale. To date, SAILS has allowed over 66,000 students to begin postsecondary without the need for learning support, starting students on a pathway to success.

SAILS Success

When SAILS was piloted in 2012, its success was immediately recognized by the State. It quickly expanded statewide during the 2013-2014 academic year. Since expansion, the SAILS program serves 11,000 students each year on average. To date, over 66,000 students have completed the course and eliminated their need for math remediation. (See our SAILS Info Sheet for more information.)

What allows this program to be successful is the partnership between the K-12 and college systems. Largely, the success is also attributed to the field coordinators we have in place at each partnering high school. We currently have 26 field coordinators serving 282 high schools. We look forward to continuing this partnership as we further serve all Tennessee students that need math remediation.

Community College and High School Partnership

The SAILS Field Coordinators are the backbone of the SAILS initiative. They are the liaisons between the community colleges and high schools. This partnership is the most critical element to the SAILS program. Each community college will support the high schools in its service region with the implementation of the program. The student support network includes both the college and high school faculty members who will be working together to ensure student progress, learning, and success. The Field Coordinator provides technical, content and logistical support to both the college and the high school team members. Teamwork is the foundation of SAILS, and by having professionals from the community colleges and high schools work together, the project will continue to benefit thousands of students in Tennessee.

FAQ's for Prospective Students and SAILS Completers

SAILS will eliminate the need for you to take Learning Support/Remedial math when you enter college. After completing, you will be ready for a college-level math class without retaking the ACT or Accuplacer test. The course is also free at your local high school. If you take this class in college, you will have to pay for it.

SAILS is accepted in replacement of Learning Support/Remedial math classes at community colleges and many universities (see the SAILS College Acceptance document). Your completion will be documented in a statewide database that is accessible to all Tennessee state community colleges and universities.

Have your college representative contact the SAILS Office (615-365-1518) to verify your completion prior to enrolling in college and registering for classes. In addition, if you attend a Tennessee state college, they will have access to the statewide database to verify your completion in SAILS.

Please call the SAILS Office at 615-365-1518, so we can verify your completion in SAILS. We can share this information with a representative of your college and answer any questions they may have.

Please call the SAILS Office at 615-365-1518 and we will assist you.