Center for Workforce Development


The TBR Center for Workforce Development's mission is to develop and maintain a statewide approach for workforce development that directly impacts the State and our communities. 


The Center for Workforce Development will achieve its mission through the following goals:

  • Collaborate with business, industry, government agencies, local agencies, and our college institutions to develop and deliver rapid response workforce training programs that will prepare and support a competitive workforce across a range of occupational levels;
  • Monitor statewide workforce activities and initiatives that contribute to the economy of our state and communities;
  • Assess, develop, deliver and evaluate the system’s economic development effectiveness through collaboration with our college system leadership and subject matter experts.  

“Tennessee’s community colleges delivered 1.085 million hours of workforce training in Academic Year 2022-23 – a 39.6 percent increase over the previous year”

“TBR’s community colleges offer a comprehensive slate of programs and services within their service delivery areas. In addition to traditional for-credit academic and career and technical education programs leading to associate degrees, diplomas and certificates for students, workforce training for specific skills needed by business and industry is a major component of the mission of the community colleges. Tennessee is one of the few states in the nation that incentivizes colleges’ workforce development partnerships with state appropriations,” Sisk said.

Regional Workforce Information

Custom Business and Industry Training Programs

TBR designs custom employee training through our Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCATs) and our Community Colleges.  Your local campus can develop new, job-specific training courses to help your employees develop new skills and upgrade their existing skills. 

Our workforce training professionals can develop training courses in a wide variety of industrial, high-tech, office, and health-care skills.  We are available to serve major corporations, small businesses, industry, healthcare facilities, professional organizations, and government agencies.  Whether your organization is small or large, whether you need technical skills training for maintenance personnel or computer training skills for a few employees, we can do the job for your company. 

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Jeff Sisk, Ed.D.
Executive Director Center for Workforce Development

Tracy Kortuem
Coordinator of Operations

Non-Credit Instruction & Industry Training Reporting


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Registered apprenticeships are effective workforce training solutions businesses can use to train skilled workers through a combination of on-the-job learning and classroom instruction.  The TBR Center for Workforce Development continues to work on numerous apprenticeship programs in a variety of critical business sectors.  Our department can assist businesses by connecting them with the resources they need to design and develop customized apprenticeships for any type of business need.