Faculty Survey of Accessibility in Top 30 Courses/TCAT Top 5 Programs

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Course Delivery

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A "master" course is defined as a course that has a common syllabus developed collaboratively and used by all sections. It would include common agreed upon learning outcomes, common core assessments, and agreed upon formula for issuing a grade. If you are entering data for a master course, please mark "multiple," below. All other courses should be marked as "one" below.


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Handouts & Content

In this section, handouts and content should not include publisher materials. Please include a list of those materials in the "Publisher Material" section.

In this course?Total number of filesNumber of accessible files
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Visual Aids

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Flip Charts, Black/White Boards, Graphs, Maps
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Publisher Material

Special Directions:

1. Faculty should reference the  Accessible Instructional Materials and Technology (AIMT) Conformance Webform to identify whether the material has already been assessed for accessibility. Indicate a response on the chart below.

2. Materials not already assessed should have a Conformance and Remediation Form completed. Indicate dates for completion on the form below.

CompanyProduct NameTypeAlready checked by TBR or another institution (as indicated on AIMT website)?If "no" to previous question: Accessibility Conformance & Remediation Form (Request Date)Accessibility Conformance & Remediation Form (Receive Date)Accessible?

If you have more than 5 publisher materials, please upload excel file below with the additional material information.

Files must be less than 100 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx xls xlsx.