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Custom Business and Industry Training Programs

TBR designs custom employee training through our Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCATs) and our Community Colleges.  Your local campus can develop new, job-specific training courses to help your employees develop new skills and upgrade their existing skills. 

Our workforce training professionals can develop training courses in a wide variety of industrial, high-tech, office, and health-care skills.  We are available to serve major corporations, small businesses, industry, healthcare facilities, professional organizations, and government agencies.  Whether your organization is small or large, whether you need technical skills training for maintenance personnel or computer training skills for a few employees, we can do the job for your company. 

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Middle Tennessee (and General Inquiries)
Carol G. Puryear, Ed.D. 
Vice Chancellor for Economic & Community Development
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East Tennessee
Nathan Garrett 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Economic & Community Development
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West Tennessee
Deanna Morris-Stacey 
Director of Programs & Initiatives
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