Salary Database

Salaries listed are base salary and are exclusive of longevity, stipends, and additional salary for temporary or additional duties.

Institution Last Name First Namesort descending Job Title Department Salary FTE
Volunteer State Comm College Livelli Zachary Coord Of Computer Operations General Academic Technology Access $55,698 1
TCAT McKenzie Crider Zachary Instructor Machine Tool Technology $53,477 1
TCAT McMinnville Murray Zachary Associate Inst. Welding Welding Program $45,500 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Adams Zachary Director, Postsec. Coordinatio K12 Initiatives $88,232 1
Roane State Comm College Corder Zachary Instructional Design Specialis COE Teaching Arts and TechMatch $57,959 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Wilkins Zandra Coordinator, Field (Sails) THEC SAILS grant $56,136 1
Roane State Comm College Zhang Zhihe Steven Professor Computer Science $72,358 1