Salary Database

Salaries listed are base salary and are exclusive of longevity, stipends, and additional salary for temporary or additional duties.

Institution Last Name First Name Job Titlesort ascending Department Salary FTE
Southwest TN Comm College Lexow Matthew Associate Dean Ctr Teaching & Learning Excellence $76,524 1
Southwest TN Comm College Muhammad Devissi Associate Dean Humanities, Social Sciences & Math $78,408 1
TCAT McMinnville Wellman Angelica Associate Cosmetology Instruct Cosmetology $57,273 1
TCAT Memphis Horner Taylor Associate Animal Lab Instruc. Assistant Animal Laboratory Tech $52,000 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Rouse Stephanie Assoc. Manicuring Instructor Manicuring $54,309 1
TCAT Livingston Burch Marshall Assoc. Instructor-Give Grant Welding Program $49,774 1
TCAT Livingston North Alexander Assoc. Instructor-Diesel/Give Diesel Powered Equipment Technology $41,600 1
TCAT Harriman Newport Charles Assoc. Instructor-Blg. Constru Other Instruction $59,598 1
TCAT Chattanooga Henderson Gregory Assoc. Instructor--Ttc Welding $58,109 1
TCAT Hartsville Adams Amanda Assoc. Instructor Wcc Welding Welding Program $52,380 1
TCAT Harriman Branstetter Jason Assoc. Instructor Truck-Cdl Gr Truck Driving $63,000 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Blackburn Christopher Assoc. Instructor Machine Tool Machine Tool Technology $63,000 1
TCAT Shelbyville Vincent Adam Assoc. Instructor Ima Fcc Wait Industrial Maintenance Automation $56,298 1
TCAT Dickson Felix Carlos Assoc. Instructor Iem-C Appren Ind Electrical Maint-Mechatronics $52,500 1
TCAT Dickson Simmons Kerry Assoc. Instructor Farming Oper Farming Operations Technology $50,000 1
TCAT Henry/Carroll Johnson David Assoc. Instructor Criminal Jus Criminal Justice $57,273 1
TCAT Pulaski Ford David Assoc. Instructor Corr. Office Criminal Justice $51,600 1
TCAT Morristown Gulley David Assoc. Instructor Corr. Off. G Criminal Justice $55,409 1
TCAT Nashville Payton Natasha Assoc. Instructor Cit Cosmetology $56,840 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Broughton John Assoc. Instructor Auto Tech Automotive Technology $57,273 1
TCAT Dickson Miles Joshua Assoc. Instructor -- Correctio Criminal Justice $48,205 1
TCAT Jackson Argo Larry Assoc. Instructor - Industrial Industrial Mechanical Maintenance $49,689 1
TCAT Oneida Slater Darrell Assoc. Instructor Truck Driving $57,273 1
TCAT Chattanooga Goggins Lesley Assoc. Instruc., Cdl (Ttc) Commercial Truck Driving $59,564 1
TCAT Chattanooga Fehr Richard Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Industrial Maintenance Mechancal $57,200 1
TCAT Chattanooga Flowers Jeremy Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Industrial Maint & Elect - Dayton $56,214 1
TCAT Chattanooga Mctaggart Michael Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) TBR CDL Truck Driving Expansion $50,801 1
TCAT Chattanooga Nelson Leshundria Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Administrative Office Professional $50,840 1
TCAT Chattanooga Sims Gibson Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) TBR TCAT Waitlist Initiative $50,840 1
TCAT Chattanooga Truss Dexter Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Collision Repair $59,564 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Costner Darrin Assoc. Instr. Special Insdustr Special Industry $78,360 1
TCAT Nashville Pitts Charles Assoc. Inst. Welding Cheatham Welding Program $45,000 1
TCAT Morristown Bailey Billie Assoc. Inst. Truck Driv. Grant Truck Driving $57,273 1
TCAT Shelbyville Bottoms Kenneth Assoc. Inst. Truck Driv. Grant Truck Driving $50,506 1
TCAT McMinnville Finchum Justin Assoc. Inst. Truck Driv. Grant Truck Driving $57,273 1
TCAT Elizabethton Miller Joseph Assoc. Inst. Spec. Ind. Trng. Special Industry $62,387 1
TCAT Jackson Huffman Lindsey Assoc. Inst. Pct Bolivar Hs Patient Care Tech Medical Assisting $43,259 1
TCAT Hartsville Norton Timothy Assoc. Inst. Criminal J. Grant Criminal Justice $57,273 1
TCAT Nashville Adams Charles Assoc. Inst. Am Springfield Mechatronics $60,500 1
TCAT Knoxville Anderson Benita Assoc. Inst-Pn Blount Hosp. Practical Nursing (NoPreReq) $58,340 1
TCAT Nashville Monchilov Austin Assoc. Ins. Collision Cheatham Collision Repair Technology $58,760 1
Chattanooga State Comm College George Taylor Mosunmola Assoc Vice Pres, Aca Affairs AVP Academic Affairs $129,171 1
Nashville State Comm College Bates Thomas Assoc Professor/Prog Director Surgical Technology $68,159 1
Nashville State Comm College Swanson Laurie Assoc Professor/Prog Director Accounting $70,815 1
Dyersburg State Comm College Osborne Susan Assoc Professor/Dir Of Hit Health Info Mgmt $68,546 1
Motlow State Comm College Caviezel Jenna Assoc Prof Eng & Dir Writing C English $57,070 1
Volunteer State Comm College Higginbotham Mallory Assoc Prof 12 Month/Director Respiratory Care $85,686 1
Volunteer State Comm College Matthews Mel Assoc Prof 12 Month/Director Sleep Diagnostics Program $92,642 1
Volunteer State Comm College Bishir Steve Assoc Prof 12 Month/Director Commercial Music Studio $83,871 1
Volunteer State Comm College Bowling Valerie Assoc Prof 12 Month/Director Health Information Technology $103,351 1