Salary Database

Salaries listed are base salary and are exclusive of longevity, stipends, and additional salary for temporary or additional duties.

Institution Last Name First Name Job Titlesort descending Department Salary FTE
Motlow State Comm College Caviezel Jenna Assoc Prof Eng & Dir Writing C English $52,999 1
Roane State Comm College Vaughn Laura Assoc Professor - Library Library Services ORBC $52,694 1
Dyersburg State Comm College Osborne Susan Assoc Professor/Dir Of Hit Health Info Mgmt $65,910 1
Chattanooga State Comm College George Taylor Mosunmola Assoc Vice Pres, Aca Affairs AVP Academic Affairs $123,866 1
TCAT Knoxville Anderson Benita Assoc. Inst-Pn Blount Hosp. Practical Nursing (NoPreReq) $50,490 1
TCAT Dickson Moeller Scott Assoc. Inst. Lift Elec Maint Special Industry $47,940 1
TCAT Jackson Huffman Lindsey Assoc. Inst. Pct Bolivar Hs Patient Care Tech Medical Assisting $40,524 1
TCAT Chattanooga Martin Robert Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Industrial Maintenance - Kimball $48,231 1
TCAT Chattanooga Hammond Tiffany Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Massage Therapy $49,144 1
TCAT Chattanooga Truss Dexter Assoc. Instruc. (Ttc) Collision Repair $49,626 1
TCAT Chattanooga Goggins Lesley Assoc. Instruc., Cdl (Ttc) Commercial Truck Driving $49,626 1
TCAT Jackson Argo Larry Assoc. Instructor - Industrial Industrial Mechanical Maintenance $41,763 1
TCAT Dickson Stewart Duncan Carolyn Assoc. Instructor Cit, Turney Computer Information Technology $50,000 1
TCAT Chattanooga Henderson Gregory Assoc. Instructor--Ttc Welding $50,938 1
TCAT Harriman Newport Charles Assoc. Instructor-Blg. Constru Other Instruction $50,162 1
TCAT Livingston Jones Denver Assoc. Instructor-Diesel/Give Diesel Powered Equipment Technology $41,616 1
TCAT Livingston Burch Marshall Assoc. Instructor-Give Grant Welding Program $47,859 1
TCAT Nashville Monchilov Austin Associate Auto-Cheatham Co Hs. Automotive Technology $56,500 1
Southwest TN Comm College Greene Carlton Associate Dean Dept of Business and Technology $78,036 1
Volunteer State Comm College Coker Stephanie Associate Director Information Technology Services $82,001 1
Walters State Comm College Williams Debra Associate Director Admissions Promotions $54,808 1
Southwest TN Comm College Richardson William Associate Director TSBDC College Match $63,684 1
Southwest TN Comm College Stewart Vivian Associate Director Library $63,792 1
Southwest TN Comm College Claxton Ronald Associate Director Academic Support Center $54,384 1
Motlow State Comm College Dodge Jessica Associate Director Fa Financial Aid Administration $61,200 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Shafer Chloe Associate General Counsel General Counsel $138,328 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Ungurait Donald Associate General Counsel General Counsel $138,328 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Stewart Heather Associate General Counsel General Counsel $138,328 1
Tennessee Board of Regents Martin Sherry Associate General Counsel General Counsel $138,328 1
TCAT Knoxville Foss David Associate Hvac Instructor Building Maintenance $49,144 1
TCAT Jacksboro Lindsay Donald Associate Inst- Manf Tech Manufacturing Technology $48,652 1
TCAT Nashville Walker Corey Associate Inst-Welding Springf Welding Program $49,500 1
TCAT Knoxville Miranda Jose Associate Inst. - Automotive T Automotive Technology $45,900 1
TCAT Knoxville Blair Yvonne Associate Inst. - Nursing Aide Nursing Aide $50,460 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Dumas Tonya Associate Inst. Aot Administrative Office Technology $50,000 1
TCAT Jackson Sloan Paul Associate Inst. At Liberty Hs Automotive Technology $49,000 1
TCAT Jackson Jones Michael Associate Inst. At Wht Haywood Automotive Technology $39,536 1
TCAT Morristown Williams Alex Associate Inst. Aviation Waitl Instruction $48,652 1
TCAT McMinnville Richards Randy Associate Inst. B. Const Grant Building Construction Technology $45,500 1
TCAT Jackson Gill Richard Associate Inst. Blng. Construc Building Construction Technology $40,000 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Short Sarah Associate Inst. Cosm. Waitlist Cosmetology $48,652 1
TCAT Ripley Maupin Wayne Associate Inst. Dual E Grnt Mt Manufacturing Technology $40,543 1
TCAT Murfreesboro Madding Allen Associate Inst. Ept Waitlist G Electrical and Plumbing Const Tech $48,652 1
TCAT Jackson Avent Justin Associate Inst. Haywood Hs Wht Welding Program $39,315 1
TCAT Morristown Maggard Robert Associate Inst. Hvac Waitlist Heating Vent Air Cond and Refrig $48,652 1
TCAT Covington Garrett John Associate Inst. Hvac/R Waitlis Heating Vent Air Cond and Refrig $48,652 1
TCAT McMinnville Nunez Jesus Associate Inst. Ie Waitlist Industrial Electricity $45,500 1
TCAT Morristown Sloan Tyler Associate Inst. Ind. E. Waitli Industrial Electricity $48,652 1
TCAT Livingston Baker Benjamin Associate Inst. It Waitlist Computer Information Technology $48,652 1
TCAT Jackson Mayfield Amber Associate Inst. Pn Wht Practical Nursing (NoPreReq) $60,490 1