Salary Database

Salaries listed are base salary and are exclusive of longevity, stipends, and additional salary for temporary or additional duties.

Institution Last Name First Name Job Title Department Salary FTEsort descending
Chattanooga State Comm College Decker Shannon Technical Clerk Dayton Site $15,609 0.533
Chattanooga State Comm College Purkey Jerry Security Guard Police Department $22,107 0.675
Motlow State Comm College Verret Laura Library Assist. Ii Learning Center Administration $20,135 0.69
Motlow State Comm College Caldwell Jacqulyn Student Success Coach Student Success $26,178 0.73
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Anderson Bobbi Testing Technician 2, Rpt Testing Center $24,220 0.75
Columbia State Comm College Hoffman Lisa Pryor Art Gallery Curator Cultural Events Art Gallery $39,500 0.77
Motlow State Comm College Trujillo Areon Financial Aid Clerk-Pt Call Center $20,734 0.77
TCAT Pulaski Fitch Denise Associate Inst. Pn Evng-Waitli Practical Nursing (NoPreReq) $46,929 0.8
Chattanooga State Comm College Mcdonald Janelle Accompanist Music $31,251 0.8
Chattanooga State Comm College Myers Shelly Custodian Custodial Services $22,058 0.8
TCAT Henry/Carroll Cunningham Reda Assoc Instructor Ttc Paris Cosmetology $47,303 0.8
Chattanooga State Comm College Prytula Debora Dental Clinic Assistant Dental Hygiene $25,105 0.8
TCAT Hohenwald Spencer William Pt Faculty Welding Program $41,742 0.8
TCAT McMinnville Fults Donnie Custodial Support Assoc 2 Building Maintenance $26,838 0.8
Motlow State Comm College Young Kayren Hr Assistant Ii Human Resources $29,788 0.8
Volunteer State Comm College Stewart Jeremy Asst Prof 12 Mo/Director 80% Fire Science Technology $62,323 0.8
Roane State Comm College Heron Lorrie Secretary 3 - Dental Clinic Dental Hygiene Tech Admin $31,590 0.82
Roane State Comm College Hibbard Madeline Director Mlt Program Health Sciences Admin $58,240 0.82
Walters State Comm College Stewart Jennifer Clerk Custodial Serv Morristown Campus $23,109 0.82
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Edmonds Nancy Testing Technician Ii Testing Center $28,490 0.83
Walters State Comm College Corn Michael Specialist Student Records $36,014 0.83
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Schneider Christy Spclst 1, Enrollment Svcs Rpt Start Strong Center $33,910 0.83
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Scott Elizabeth Administrative Asst 4, Rpt Academic Tutoring Center $33,190 0.83
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Taylor Eugenia Speclst 1, Enrollment Svcs Rpt Start Strong Center $33,190 0.83
Southwest TN Comm College Williams Betty Library Assistant 1 Library $20,448 0.85
Dyersburg State Comm College Box Hanna Assistant Coach, Women'S Baske Women's Basketball $31,365 0.85
Dyersburg State Comm College Brown Tyler Assistant Baseball Coach Baseball $40,752 0.85
Dyersburg State Comm College Feith Elizabeth Executive Secretary Ii Advancement & External Affairs $40,134 0.85
Southwest TN Comm College Campbell Brenda Child Care Aide 2 Child Care Centers $29,256 0.85
Dyersburg State Comm College Radford Victoria Assistant Softball Coach Women's Softball $31,365 0.85
Motlow State Comm College Brown George Custodian Custodial Services $21,766 0.85
TCAT Shelbyville Toledo-Hernande Rosa Instructor (Ttcs) Practical Nursing (PreReq) $64,413 0.91
Chattanooga State Comm College Watts Nancy Director, Pharmacy Technology Pharmacy Technology $91,336 0.93
Chattanooga State Comm College Gomez German Assistant Professor Biology $53,803 1
Chattanooga State Comm College Smith Victoria Administrative Asst r-TECTA $29,934 1
Cleveland State Comm College Stuart Erika Grants Director Grant Development $55,682 1
Columbia State Comm College Smith Christopher Desktop Support Technician Technology Access Fees $63,650 1
Dyersburg State Comm College Wilson Starla Employment Specialist Iii Workforce Services FY19-20 $29,250 1
Motlow State Comm College Diggs Karla Assistant Professor English $49,139 1
Nashville State Comm College Angel Jessie Library Assistant 3 Library $39,039 1
Nashville State Comm College Sheucraft G Director Safety And Security Legacy $93,882 1
Northeast State Comm College Kitzmiller Matthew Dir Budg, Fin Anlys, & Purch Budgeting and Financial Analysis $70,319 1
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Cantrell Joshua Manager, Technical Support Technical Services $72,090 1
Pellissippi State Comm Coll Mattson Amanda Info Processing Specialist 1 Bursar's Office $38,730 1
Roane State Comm College Bowling Turner Assistant Professor - English English $53,492 1
Roane State Comm College Stanley Charity Assistant Professor - Nursing Nursing $64,637 1
Southwest TN Comm College Jefferson Trena Technical Clerk MCS Voluntary Pre-K Grant $33,432 1
Southwest TN Comm College Washington Chandra Instructor Pharmacy Tech $47,892 1
TCAT Dickson Miller Steven Evening Weld-C Inst Ft Student Services $54,009 1
TCAT Jackson Blakely Randall Assoc Instructor Ttc Jackson Truck Driving $59,564 1