Dyersburg State Community College and UT Martin Sign Dual Admission Partnership Agreement

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Dyersburg State Community College

Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) and The University of Tennessee at Martin signed a dual admission partnership agreement Sept. 18 that will “provide a seamless and guaranteed transition from a DSCC associate degree program to a UT bachelor’s degree program by providing one curriculum plan for earning both degrees.”

“DSCC and UT Martin have a long history of working together to promote student success and progression from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree,” stated Dr. Karen Bowyer, DSCC president. “Many students who have completed an associate degree at DSCC are very successful in their junior and senior years at UT Martin.”

Students at DSCC who meet current admission criteria at UT Martin and major in an eligible Tennessee Transfer Pathway baccalaureate program can take advantage of the new agreement. Students must have either started their college careers at DSCC or have transferred to DSCC with fewer than 15 college-level semester hours.

“This is a benefit to both institutions because it provides a seamless transition for the accomplishment of a four-year degree,” said Dr. Robert Smith, UT Martin interim chancellor. “We know that 96 percent of all the good jobs that have occurred since the recession of 2008-2009 have required a four-year degree, so having a good start at Dyersburg State Community College and then transitioning to UT Martin is a great benefit to the student.”

Eligible DSCC students will be contacted by the UT Martin Office of Undergraduate Admissions or may complete an application for dual admission, available through either institution’s website. Students need not be entering freshmen to apply; all current DSCC students will be considered.

Participating students who meet UT Martin admission requirements upon completion of the two-year DSCC program will be guaranteed admission to UT Martin as juniors to continue their four-year bachelor’s degree programs. Students transferring under this agreement will have their initial application fees waived.

The dual admission partnership also provides several additional advantages for community college students. Participating students will be assigned to both DSCC and UT Martin academic advisers to make sure they are meeting full requirements to complete both degrees.

Students will have access to DSCC’s Learning Resource Center and UT Martin’s library, as well as access to both institution’s computer labs and student affairs offices.

Those who elect to pay applicable student fees will be able to attend UT Martin sporting events and participate in campus activities as well.

Participating DSCC students will also save money by completing their first two years at a community college with lower tuition and fees.

“Opportunities to connect community college students with a four-year college or university encourages their determination to succeed,” stated Larenda Fultz, DSCC dean of student services. “Knowing that they are guaranteed to use their credits and able to talk with a UTM adviser before transferring helps them to be more confident that they are taking the right steps on the front-end. This partnership will encourage students to be more persistent in their studies and in overall completion.”

For a complete list of Tennessee Transfer Pathway programs available through Dyersburg State Community College, visit http://www.dscc.edu/programs of study/transfer programs.

For more information on the dual admission partnership agreement, contact Tracie Langley, DSCC admissions counselor, at 731-286-3324 or by email at langley@dscc.edu. You may also contact Matt Borden, UT Martin Office of Undergraduate Admissions, at 731-881-3101 or by email at mborden5@utm.edu.