TBR Schedules Finance, Audit, Committee Chairs and Personnel Committee Meetings June 4

Tennessee Board of Regents Finance and Business Operations Committee, Audit Committee, Committee Chairs, and Personnel and Compensation Committee meetings are scheduled at the TBR office in Nashville on Tuesday, June 4.

The Finance and Business Operations Committee will meet at 10 a.m. CDT to consider maintenance fee and tuition rate recommendations.

The Audit Committee meeting will begin at approximately 11 a.m. The agenda includes:

I. Informational reporting

a. Review of Comptroller’s Office audit reports

b. Review of internal audit reports

II. Review of conflict of interest and related policies

III. Discussion on quality assessment review

IV. Non-public executive session

After a lunch break, the Committee Chairs will meet at 12:45 p.m. to address these agenda items:

I. Finance and business issues

II. Legislative review

III. Personnel and compensation

IV. Update on TTC director’s search at Livingston

V. President emeritus contracts

VI. Draft June Board meeting agenda

The Personnel & Compensation Committee will meet immediately following to address recommendations for compensation plans.

The four meetings are open to the public and the press with the exception of the non-public executive session of the Audit Committee. Those wishing to attend should contact Monica Greppin-Watts at monica.greppin-watts@tbr.edu or 615-366-4417 before 4:30 p.m. CDT June 3 so building security clearance can be arranged. Anyone with a disability who wishes to participate should use the same contact to request services needed to facilitate attendance. Contact may be made in person, by writing, by e-mail, by telephone or otherwise and should be received no later than noon June 3.

The Tennessee Board of Regents is among the nation’s largest higher education systems, governing 46 post-secondary educational institutions. The TBR system includes six universities, 13 two-year colleges and 27 technology centers, providing programs across the state to more than 200,000 students.

The College System of Tennessee is the state’s largest public higher education system, with 13 community colleges, 27 colleges of applied technology and the online TN eCampus serving approximately 140,000 students. The system is governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.