Success & Innovation Grants


The Success & Innovation (formally A&D) grant program was initially established in 2008 to provide for continued implementation of initiatives to eliminate barriers to post-secondary access and success. In 2010, the program scope was broadened to include student success and completion aligning with the Complete College Act of 2010 and the Drive to 55. TBR community colleges and TCATs have focused on recruiting and enrolling more students who would not normally come to college and who, when they have come, have not been particularly successful. The emphasis of the program has been primarily focused on increasing enrollment and success of students from all walks of life and all corners of Tennessee.  

The program focuses on initiatives that 1) further the system and institution's Strategic Plan, which includes an emphasis on fulfilling TBR’s open access mission; 2) have the potential to significantly increase and/or impact access and success outcomes for traditionally under-served or otherwise legally permissible targeted populations ; 3) have the potential to significantly impact campus climate and the closure of student success gaps in retention, graduation, or other metrics.  

The funds are available as block grants for student financial assistance, student recruitment and retention, faculty/staff recruitment and retention, and specific program administration costs. Institutions can also apply for additional funds through the Student Engagement, Retention and Success (SERS) competitive grant process.  


Upcoming Grant Opportunities

All information for the FY2025 grant opportunities can be found at: