TBR Strategic Enrollment Management Efforts

What is Strategic Enrollment Management?

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is the concept and process that enables the fulfillment of institutional mission and students' education goals. SEM represents a system-wide effort, guided by the colleges' mission, vision and strategic priorities to achieve instituiton specific goals for enrollment, persistence, retention and graduation. Our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) goal is to create a strong and growing pipeline of students enrolling in the institution that are served seamlessly en route to achieving their education and career goals. To achieve our goal, we must create strong partnerships with Achieving the Dream (ATD) as they work to identify emerging needs and ways to improve practices across the full spectrum of capacities required for whole-college reform.

TBR expectations for the SEM planning process include:

  • institutions identify external competition and labor market demands to identify marketing, recruitment, and retention strategies;
  • institutions share clear communication plans for the recruitment and onboarding processes which can then be shared with third parties working in the state to ensure seamlessness in messaging to students
  • institutions identify recruitment goals that can be used for benchmarking and accountability
  • institutions identify recruitment goals to address equity issues
  • institutions identify goals, strategies, and tactics in recruitment and retention practices (which may use your existing ATD goals or include a revisioning of next steps where there are gaps)
  • institutions identify where System level support for recruitment and retention is still needed


Community College SEM Planning & Implementation Timeline

Each of the 13 community colleges had SEM/ATD planning teams that worked with a consultant during the 2019-2020 academic year to create a joint SEM/ATD plan. The SEM Framework is intended to engage the campus at large. The following campus committees are used in the framework:  SEM Steering Committee, Recruitment Council, Retention Council, and Data Team

During the fall 2020 semester, community college are expected begin implementation of their SEM plans. Semester check-ins by the Office of Student Success will be conducted with each institutional SEM point-of-contact to monitor progress on the implemenation of the SEM plans.


TCAT SEM Planning Timeline

SEM Planning



August 2020

Kick-Off webinar and data analysis with system-level recruitment and retention councils  September 2020
SEM Enrollment Goal Creation (drafts) with system-level councils  October 2020
Town Hall #1 with all TCAT Presidents and Institutional Points of Contact for Recruitment and Retention 
to review SEM Council draft goals and provide feedback 
November 9, 2020
SEM Strategies and Tactics Guidance with consultant December 2020
Town Hall #2 with all TCAT Presidents and Institutional Points of Contact for Recruitment and Retention 
to review SEM Council draft strategies and provide feedback 
January 2021
Plan Finalization and Next Step Planning for TCAT Institutional Tactics Creation February/March 2021

TCAT SEM Council Representatives

Recruitment Council

Tee Mitchell (Chair) render.mitchell@tbr.edu
Johnathan Button (Co-Chair) johnathan.button@tbr.edu
Matthew Gann, Marketing Representative matthew.gann@tbr.edu
Kristina Krau Waymire, Student Support Representative kristina.waymire@tbr.edu
Michael Tinsley, Perkins michael.tinsley@tbr.edu
Ellen Bohle, Academic Affairs/TN Pathways ellen.bohle@tbr.edu
Camilla Gambrel, East TN TCAT Rep. camilla.gambrel@tcatjacksboro.edu
Charletta Thomas, West TN TCAT Rep. charletta.thomas@tcatcovington.edu
Bree Lemons, Middle TN TCAT Rep. bree.lemmons@tcatshelbyvill.edu

Retention Council

Tiffany Bellafant Steward (Chair) tiffany.steward@tbr.edu
Kristina Krau Waymire (Co-Chair) kristina.waymire@tbr.edu
Sean Chism, Organizatonal Effectiveness sean.chism@tbr.edu
Alex Gorbunov, Senior Data Strategist alex.gorbunov@tbr.edu
Amy Moreland, Policy/Strategy amy.moreland@tbr.edu
Christina Mayer, TNeCampus christina.mayer@tbr.edu
Valerie Greenwood, Finance valerie.greenwood@tbr.edu
Tachaka Hollins, Academic Affairs tachaka.hollins@tbr.edu
Brenda Lamb, East TN TCAT Rep. blamb@tcatmorristown.edu
Deica Disney, West TN TCAT Rep. ddisney@tcatnewbern.edu
Jennifer Wright, Middle TN TCAT Rep. jennifer.wright@tcatshelbyville.edu

Data Council (for System & TCAT Councils)

Chris Tingle (Chair) chris.tingle@tbr.edu
Melissa Hunter, Institutional Research melissa.hunter@tbr.edu
Josh Koller, Organizational Effectiveness josh.koller@tbr.edu
Jon Calisi, Information Technology jon.calisi@tbr.edu
Matthew Gann, Marketing/Website matthew.gann@tbr.edu
Michelle Davenport, East TN TCAT Rep. mdavenport@tcatmorristown.edu
Leslie Martin, Middle TN TCAT Rep. leslie.martin@tcatshelbyville.edu
Kevin Blankenship, IT Community College Chair kevin.blankenship@volstate.edu
Brian  Mitchell, CC Faculty Representative bmitchell@mscc.edu

In addition to the System-level councils, each TCAT has appointed a Recruitment and Retention point-of-contact that will lead the work at the institutional level.



Through support from the Bill & Melynda Gates Frontier Set, the Office of Student Success has contracted with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) to serve as consultants on the community college and TCAT strategic enrollment management work.