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Update on Common Course Curriculum Alignment Initiative

We continue to make progress with curriculum alignment for all Associate of Applied Science degrees and technical certificate programs.  To date, 16 Common Course Libraries have been completed. 

Most recently, in the 30-day review process ending March 4, the Board approved the library for the A.A.S. in Nursing.  This library has also been approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing and received a very positive review. 

Tennessee Reconnect Communities Launch across Tennessee

March has marked the launch of local community-based efforts to encourage adults to return to college to complete a degree or certificate. The Tennessee Reconnect Communities (TRCs) are locally-based collaboratives focused on empowering adults to complete a postsecondary degree or credential. Each TRC is comprised of local leaders from the community, employers, and higher education institutions, each focused on a localized plan to engage adults in the area. The TRCs provide adults with free advising, career counseling, support, and a personalized path to and through college.

Office of Community Colleges Operational Plan

The TBR Office of Community Colleges [OCC] Operational Plan serves as an instrument of historical reference and future direction. The historical context highlights the jurisdictional construct that inform past, current, and future initiatives. The operational plan, in support of the TBR Strategic Plan, also articulates the established goals of each initiative, which includes measurable outcomes when applicable.

Tennessee Higher Education for Higher Standards

Tennessee’s community college presidents are encouraging state leaders to move forward with the implementation of higher standards for K-12 to ensure students are adequately prepared for college and career after high school. Our state’s prosperity depends on more Tennesseans obtaining the education and training needed for high-demand, high-paying jobs.

During a Feb. 11 press conference at the state capitol, the group presented information and facts regarding the state of college readiness for Tennessee students, as well as across the nation.


Establishment of Office by Complete College Tennessee Act 2010

In January of 2010, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the Complete College Tennessee Act, which called for the establishment of a comprehensive statewide community college system of coordinated programs and services. The intent of the legislation was to:


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