Minimum Qualifications for NEW Applicants

  • Teaching a Course with a TBR Designated HIP. Faculty who have been or are currently using the HIP for multiple courses over a sustained period of time are preferred.

  • Engagement with TBR Sponsored Faculty Learning for HIPs. Faculty who have attended one or more of the annual HIP Conferences, participated in TBR sponsored webinars, or have participated in grant sponsored pilot work are preferred.

  • Passionate for Collaborative Learning with Faculty Across Institutions within the TBR System. Faculty who have previous experience mentoring or collaborating with colleagues both within and outside their institution are encouraged to apply.

  • Eager and willing to Share Professional Expertise on the Designated HIP with Other Faculty. Faculty who are excited about the purposeful and intentional implementation of HIPs, have some documented success and believe in sharing evidence-based practices across institutions.

  • Committed to Continuing Professional Learning on the Designated HIP to Stay Current with Best Practices. Faculty, regardless of expertise level of HIPs designated engagements, who are willing to devote time learning more about the craft of high impact practices are encouraged to apply.


  • Attend an orientation program where expectations of the role and an overview of the HIP Initiative at TBR will be covered. (6 hr commitment)

  • Host a minimum of 4 virtual faculty convenings a year where faculty who are engaged in and/or interested in implementing the designated HIP share evidence-based practices and network. (4 hr commitment)

  • Serve as a resource and point of contact to faculty systemwide who are looking to implement the designated HIP.


Nomination Process

Every October, an online application is made available for NEW and RETURNING applicants. An online application is required for both types of applicants.

For new applications, a letter of support from a senior administrator or a current HIP Ambassador verifying that minimum qualifications are met by the nominee is also required. Recommendation letters should speak to the specific experience of the faculty member in working with HIPs and the faculty member's qualifications to serve as a mentor and advocate to other faculty for the inclusion of HIPs in the curriculum.

Nominations are evaluated by an internal committee for final selection decisions. New Ambassador Applicants have the option to serve a two-year term as long as program requirements are met.

2024 NEW Ambassador Applicants - Due Friday, November 17, 2023

New applicants should fill out the online application form here.


2024 Returning Ambassador Applicants - Due Friday, November 17, 2023

Current HIP Ambassadors who wish to return for a second year, must fill out the online application form here.

Upcoming Systemwide HIP Events

Regional HIPs Drive-Ins: October 23-25, 2023

TN Service Learning Consortium Drive-In Conference: November 10, 2023

HIP Ambassador Class of 2023

Walter McCord - Certifications

Motlow State

Nancy Hamilton - First Year Seminars/Experience

Roane State
865-354-3000 ext 4261


Jessica Rabb - First-Year Seminars/Experience

Nashville State

Girija Shivaji Shinde - Global/Cultural Awareness

Volunteer State

Susan Fries - Global/Cultural Awareness

Cleveland State

Kamal Malik - Honors Education

Walters State

Andrea Green - Learning Communities

Motlow State

Angie Elkins - Service Learning

Walters State

Anna Esquivel - Study Abroad

Jackson State
731-424-3520, ext. 50217

Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson - Study Abroad

Pellissippi State

Charles Whiting - Technology Enhanced Learning

Motlow State

Tara Guinn- Technology Enhanced Learning

Northeast State

Elvira Eivazova- Undergraduate Research

Columbia State

Gracie Rossie - Undergraduate Research

Walters State

Erica Pepper - Work-Based Learning

TCAT Jackson

Oakley Atterson - Ambassador for Collaboration Across HIPs/Special Projects

Pellissippi State

Raquel Adams - Ambassador for Collaboration Across HIPs/Special Projects

Southwest Tennessee

Lauren Jordan - Ambassador for Collaboration Across HIPs/Special Projects

Pellissippi State