HIP Ambassador Program - Reapplicant

Minimum Qualifications

  • Teach a Course with a TBR Designated HIP - Ambassadors who have been or are currently using the HIP for multiple courses over a sustained period of time.

  • Demonstrated Engagement with Program Participants - Ambassadors wishing to re-apply must demonstrate their engagement with faculty and other HIP Ambassadors during the previous year.

  • Passionate for Collaborative Learning with Faculty Across Institutions within the TBR System - Demonstrated experience with mentoring or collaborating with colleagues both within and outside their institution during the previous year.

  • Eager and willing to Share Professional Expertise on the Designated HIP with Other Faculty - Ambassadors wishing to reapply must demonstrate excitement about the purposeful and intentional implementation of HIPs, have some documented success and believe in sharing evidence-based practices with members of incoming Ambassador cohort.

  • Committed to Continuing Professional Learning on the Designated HIP to Stay Current with Best Practices - Ambassadors wishing to re-apply must demonstrate how they have continued to engage in professional learning during the previous year.

Application Form

Has the Ambassador continued to teach a HIP designated course during the first year of tenure as an Ambassador and intends to teach a HIP designated course in the coming year?
List what course(s) you are teaching with a HIP.
As an Ambassador, have you participated in TBR sponsored faculty learning for HIPs?
As an Ambassador, list the TBR sponsored faculty learning activities that you participated in last year.
As an Ambassador, list the ways in which you facilitated collaboration with faculty during your first year.
If selected to serve for a second year, what do you hope to accomplish in your Ambassador role?