Academic Mindset


The Tennessee Board of Regents seeks to understand the multiple noncognitive factors that play a role in student success. By broadening our understanding of the psycho-social factors related to student success and teaching, we can begin the conversation around developing classroom interventions and an implementation strategy changing the focus and the face of student success. Capturing the complexity of our multifaceted student body more effectively is a critical element in understanding how to best ensure a successful educational experience for students enrolled at TBR institutions.

The TBR's work on this initiative has leaned heavily on the works of David Yeager at the University of Texas at Austin and Carol Dweck at Stanford University. Yeager focuses on the development and understanding in students, how their social cognitions contribute to how they respond in different areas, and how to redirect negative beliefs into positive pathways.  Carol Dweck's work focuses on the why and how of failures and success and how to encourage a successful mindset. She has shown that it is possible to change students' mindsets in ways that leave a lasting impact on their academic careers. 


Grant Connections

The Tennessee Board of Regents would like to acknowledge and thank the Gates Foundation for their contributions to this initiative.