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Mary Moody was appointed as the General Counsel and Board Secretary for the Tennessee Board of Regents beginning December 30, 2012. Prior to joining TBR as Associate General Counsel in 2010, she had served as Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and as Senior Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General.

Mary Moody

Our Work

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides legal services and advice to the TBR system institutions. The OGC offers advice on a broad range of initiatives, policy matters, issues, and situations. Other duties include serving as a liaison with TBR subcouncils, and review of system contracts. The General Counsel also maintains Policies and Guidelines.

The Office of General Counsel does not provide legal advice or services to students, to employees in their personal or individual capacities, or to the general public. 

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