2018 Designers' Manual

The Designers’ Manual provides standards, criteria, and guides for the development and execution of capital projects pursued under State Building Commission Authority.

Owner Information provides the Owner’s organization and contact personnel information.

PDF icon Owner Information


Designers’ Manual chapters provide guidance for procedures to follow in administration of projects.


Designers’ Manual appendices provide standard forms and documents, and institution-specific information.  Guidance on use of Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 documents is provided in the Designers’ Manual chapters.


Appendix 1:  Administrative Forms





Appendix 2:  Standard Bidding and Construction Documents

In addition to the Designers’ Manual chapters also refer to C42 Standard Document Instructions and Checklist for Appendix 2 document instructions.

Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements

Division 01 General Requirements

Divisions 07, 23, and 26


Appendix 3:  System or Campus Specific Guidelines and Requirements

TBR Instructions for Project Execution

Design Standards

  • Building Envelope Design Guideline (under construction)