Designers' Manual

The Tennessee Board of Regents, in cooperation with THEC, UT, APSU, ETSU, MTSU, TSU, TTU, UoM and the Office of the State Architect, updated the Designers’ Manual for use on all State of Tennessee higher education capital projects.  Designers’ Manual Chapters, Administrative Forms, and Standard Bidding and Construction Documents for Design/Bid/Build projects were updated effective October 2018 and published by TBR in December 2018.   The TBR Standard Bidding and Construction Documents for CM/GC and Non-construction projects have been included in this version.

2018 Designers' Manual


HPBr and Team Evaluations (Requirements of the Office of the State Architect)

Designers must follow and complete the High-Performance Building Requirements (HPBr) and the new Project Team Evaluations. The instructions and requirements for the HPBr and the Team Evaluation can be viewed on the State Architect’s website.


Designers' Manual (TBR prior version)

Projects prior to the introduction of the 2018 Designers’ Manual used a previous version of the Standard Bidding and Construction Documents and associated forms.  These documents have been moved to the TBR network drive at the following location:

Z:\Facilities\Planning\Operations\Designers Manual\_Final_TBR_Designers_Manual