Our Project Process and Client Expectations

The Marketing & Digital Strategy group develops and implements strategic communication plans in a variety of media. We tell stories that define The College System of Tennessee and advance our mission of student success and workforce development. We also collaborate on qualifying projects initiated by other departments, providing consulting, guidance, project management, and creative services in:

Print Advertising
Social Media Video
Web Photography

It’s important to understand that not all projects will qualify for time or resources. While we strive to provide professional assistance for all, we must prioritize projects for the Chancellor, the Board of Regents and those that directly further the System’s strategic plans.

Providing as much lead time as possible will significantly increase our ability to provide services. We recommend at least one to two months of lead time for hard deadlines. If we cannot assist you on your project, we will offer suggestions on how to move forward with your project on your own.


Please review the following guidelines before filling out the inquiry form below to outline the project you would like assistance with, and we'll see how we can help.

  • Services are free, but requesting departments are responsible for any printing, production or placement costs. We can assist with some cost estimates.
  • A single point person must be identified to coordinate with M&DS for the full duration of the project.
  • While our team can assist with editing and direction, content must be provided by the point person.
  • Projects must be approved and budgeted for before work begins.
  • Deadlines cannot be guaranteed, especially on last-minute requests.
    • Depending on the project type, printing time can take between 8 to 25 business days.
  • Once a projected is accepted, final decisions on style conventions, text phrasing, design and illustrations rest with M&DS.

Please note: Permission must be granted to use the TBR logo, graphic identifier for a program/service, or seal on any publication, whether in print or digital. Requests must be made to matthew.gann@tbr.edu. Publication numbers are required on all publications that are intended for audiences outside of the system office, including those going to campuses.

Process Flow

Marketing Process Flow


To ensure quality production of printed products, the M&DS team will work directly with all vendors, including quoting of projects and transfer of final artwork.

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