Key definitions and acronyms

  • BPA/BPM -- Business Process Analysis and Business Process Management
  • C3 -- Shorthand for "Communicate. Collaborate. Cooperate." The theme of the Shared Services Initiative. 
  • MEP -- Multi-Entity Processing. In layman's terms, it is a system of housing data from all our colleges in a single system, while allowing each end user to access only their institution's data.  
  • Banner -- The software system used by TBR colleges to manage student enrollment processes and other operational transactions. 
  • PMO -- Program Management Office. 
  • SSI/SSC - Shared Services Initiative. Shared Services Center
  • SIG -- Strata Information Group, one of the implementation partners working with TBR. 
  • TCATs – Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.
  • TBR – Tennessee Board of Regents 
  • VPD - Virtual Private Database