Financial Responsibility Statement Phase II

Logic to prevent the Financial Responsibility Statement from appearing for students under the age of 18

Designing a self-service Banner page that will allow students to view the Financial Responsibility Statement ​for any term that they signed

Banner process for administrators to review and print signed ​Financial Responsibility Statements for any student

Adding an IP address used by a student to sign a Financial Responsibility Statement

Adding a direct link for institutions to instruct students to sign a missed Financial Responsibility Statement 

Reverse Transfer

Working on Java program to run scripts to pull student data

Application program interface (API) key capture versus manual input

Automated procedure development to move data seamlessly

Ensuring security of stored data for long term usage


 Analysis and application of TBR mod TBR_051 Combined Stats

Implementation of processing

Provide documentation/instructions related to the TBR modifications applied

Provide training related to the newly reformed process



IT Service Road Map

Establish how to most effectively support the current anf future information system needs of TBR stakeholders including the Universities, Community Colleges, TCATs and the Central Office

Bring value-added capabilities to shared enterprise systems for administrative functions

Establish a roadmap to strengthen IT Services

Identify organizational capabilities that support institutional needs and student success











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