Reason for withdrawal collection

In Banner self-service, whenever a student withdraws from a course (or from all courses for a term), a checkbox will appear asking the student to select all reasons for the withdrawal from the course(s). 

In addition, the student will be able to add further comment about the withdrawal into a textbox.


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June, 2016
Completion Date: 
December, 2016
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Requested by Motlow State Community College

Institution funding is partially based on student progression.  It is thus essential that institutions know the reasons behind student withdrawals allowing the institution to proactively respond in order to minimize withdrawals.

By recording course withdrawal reasons in a table, the institution can generate reports and analyze student withdrawal reasons

A validation table will store withdrawal reason codes, descriptions and an active/inactive indicator for the reason code (used to populate the checkbox)

A table will store PIDM, withdrawal term, CRN, withdrawal reason code, withdrawal date, college, department and student's comments regarding the withdrawal.

Additional fields may be included in the table as deemed appropriate

In GTVSDAX, an on/off switch enabling the option to turn on/off the withdrawal reason feature

Enable terms on/off switch so when two terms are active, the feature can be turned off for one of the terms

Control dates for when the withdrawal reasdon period begins/ends for a term

A switch to indicate if the withdrawal reasons should be performed for each individual course dropped or if it should be performed once after multiple courses are dropped

Determining if the change is still required in the August 8th monthly call


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