Analysis and application of TBR mod TBR_051 Combined Stats

Implementation of processing

Provide documentation/instructions related to the TBR modifications applied

Provide training related to the newly reformed process



Start Date: 
March, 2015
Completion Date: 
August, 2016
Project Status: 
Project Category: 
Project Notes: 

Enabling eTranscript delivery for campus to campus

Standardizing system of delivery for all transcripts

Enabling implementation at each institution's discretion

DegreeWorks not required for implementation

Delayed start date pending release of Banner XE functionality

Analysis and research for placement of the modifications has continued

Meetings have occurred with the Clearinghouse alerting them as they may need to modify their product as well as to accommodate the requirement of internal TBR transcripts to be delivered via XML or PDF and NOT provide the student the option to send the transcript via the mail

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