Sub-councils and Advisory Groups


The campus groups involved in system-wide policy making are listed below, with the office responsible for staffing the group in parentheses. These groups all meet quarterly. Changes in system-wide policies generally work their way up through the appropriate sub-council(s) to the Joint Presidents Council. If the changes are approved by the Joint Presidents Council, they then go to the board for consideration and final action.

  • Academic Officers Sub-council (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Business Affairs Sub-council (Office of Business and Finance)
  • Faculty Sub-council (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Information Technology Sub-council (Office of Information Technology)
  • Student Affairs Sub-council (Office of Student Success)

Advisory Groups

The following campus groups meet periodically to share information or to provide advice to TBR staff and to the policy-making sub-councils and councils:

  • Continuing Education Committee (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Distance Education Committee (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Library Deans and Directors Committee (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Admissions and Records Deans and Directors Committee (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Finance Committee (Office of Business and Finance)
  • Campus Contracts Officers (Purchasing and Contracts Department)
  • Internal Auditors (System-wide Internal Audit Department)
  • Human Resource Officers (Human Resources Department)
  • Benefits Committee (Human Resources Department)
  • Compensation Committee (Human Resources Department)
  • Affirmative Action Officers (Office of Organizational Effectiveness)
  • Diversity Contacts (Office of Organizational Effectiveness)
  • Development Officers (Office of Administration and Facilities)
  • Facility Coordinators (Office of Administration and Facilities)
  • Public Relations/Marketing Officers (Marketing and Digital Strategy Department)
  • High School Programs (Office of Academic Affairs)