Board Members

The composition of the Tennessee Board of Regents is set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated 49-8-201. The board consists of 19 members: 12 lay citizens appointed for six-year terms by the governor, with one each from the state's nine congressional districts and three grand divisions; two faculty members from among the system institutions appointed by the governor for a two-year term; one student from among the system institutions appointed by the governor for a one-year term; and four ex-officio members--the Governor of Tennessee, the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Agriculture, and the Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, who is a non-voting member.

Bill Lee Bill Lee Ex-Officio Regent Governor of the State of Tennessee Nashville, TN More Information
Emily Reynolds Emily J. Reynolds, Vice Chair 5th Congressional District More Information
Penny Schwinn Penny Schwinn Ex-Officio Regent Commissioner of Education Nashville, TN More Information
Charles Hatcher Ex-Officio Regent Commissioner of Agriculture Nashville, TN More Information
Mike Krause Mike Krause Ex-Officio Regent Executive Director at Tennessee Higher Education Commission Nashville, TN More Information
Thomas A. H. White Thomas A. H. White At-Large, East Unum Group More Information
Leigh Shockey Leigh A. Shockey At-Large, West Drexel Chemical Company Memphis, TN More Information
Robert Pepper Robert Pepper Faculty Regent TCAT Whiteville More Information
Miles A. Burdine Miles A. Burdine 1st Congressional District Kingsport Chamber of Commerce More Information
Danni B. Varlan Danni B. Varlan 2nd Congressional District East Tennessee Children's Hospital Knoxville, TN More Information
Weston Wamp 3rd Congressional District Chattanooga, TN More Information
No Photo Available Mark Gill At-Large, Middle More Information
Yolanda S. Greene Yolanda S. Greene 4th Congressional District First Tennessee Bank More Information
MaryLou Apple MaryLou Apple 6th Congressional District Tullahoma, TN More Information
Joey Hatch Joey Hatch 7th Congressional District Nashville, TN More Information
Barbara Prescott Barbara U. Prescott 8th Congressional District Memphis, TN More Information
Greg Duckett Greg Duckett 9th Congressional District Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation Memphis, TN More Information
Emily A. Dollar Student Regent More Information
Kenneth Goldsmith Faculty Regent (Non-Voting) Chattanooga State Community College More Information