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HIP System Plan

System Plan & Project Timeline

Spring 2015

  • Development of Phase 1 Taxonomies: study abroad, service learning, work based learning

Summer 2015

  • TBR System Team attend AAC&U Summer Institute on HIP

Fall 2015

  • Institutional self-study using Phase 1 taxonomy frameworks
  • Development of Phase 2 Taxonomies: undergraduate research, learning communities, certification

Spring 2016

  • Convene working group to identify coding of High Impact Practices in Banner
  • Analyze data from Phase 1 self-studies
  • Host training for Study Abroad for TBR faculty (March 8, 2016) - registration info here

Summer 2016

  • TBR System Team attends AAC&U Summer Institute on HIP

Fall 2016

  • Banner coding of first six high-impact practices begins
  • Host regional trainings for senior administrators on ePortfolio for student engagement and assessment
  • Development of Phase 3 Taxonomies: first-year seminars/experience, technology-enhanced learning, honors education

Spring 2017

  • First pull of Banner data on high-impact practices (February)
  • Faculty regional trainings for ePortfolio adoption
  • Awarding of course revitalization and student sucess grants with a high-impact focus
  • Support faculty/staff travel grants to AAC&U and FYE conferences

Summer 2017

  • Pull of Banner data on spring 2017 courses (June)
  • Coding in Banner of Honors Education, First Year Seminars, ePortfolio
  • Institutional self-study using Phase 2 & 3 frameworks (Due September 1, 2017)

Fall 2017

  • Launch of Faculty Learning Communities (September)
  • Regional High Impact Practice Convenings (October-November)
  • Pull of Banner data on summer/fall 2017 courses (December)