Accessibility Task Force Nomination Form

On September 17 & 18, 2014, the Tennessee Board of Regents hosted the first Accessible Instructional Materials and Technology Summit. The Accessibility Summit, presented in collaboration with and support from the University of Tennessee system, brought together national figures in accessibility issues. Over 230 participants attended the Accessibility Summit including THEC, TBR and UT system executives, members of the THEC Task Force on Accessibility. A significant focus of the Accessibility Summit was on how to develop system-wide and institutional plans for accessibility to instructional materials and technology and how Tennessee higher education systems and institutions can work collaboratively to address those expectations. Since the Summit, the Higher Education Accessibility Task Force concluded their work on making a list of recommendations that will be presented to the legislature for consideration. As a next step, the TBR Accessibility Task Force will bring together TBR representatives to look at specific ways to address accesibility issues at TBR institutions.