Accessibility Training Resources

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Social Media Digital Accessibility

This Social Media Digital Accessibility presentation discusses the importance of accessibility in social media and how to utilize accessible practices in social media, to inclde Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. June 14, 2023. Presented by Amie Nephew, Instructional Designer - Northeast State Community College

PDF icon Social Media Best Practices


Accessibility Bootcamp

An introduction to accessibiilty, this series presents the whos and whys of accessibility, common barriers to accessibility and how to create accessible Word, PowerPoint, audio, visual, and video files. 

Accessibility Bootcamp Recordings, July 27, 2022

The Why’s of Accessibility and Accessible Word Files  

Accessible PowerPoint

Accessible Video, Images, and Audio

Accessibility Mini-Series

This monthly series is designed to increase the participants awareness and knowledge of accessibility. The series was created in response to conversations in Accessibility Chair meetings where there was a strong desire for collaboration with experienced and new faculty and staff members come together to address accessibility barriers and share out best practices, particularly in areas of which commonly show the greatest barriers. Join us for our next session or visit the recordings from our previous workshops. 

Past Workshops

Workshop 1: Accessibile Instruction From the Start

This workshop provides an introduction to accessibility through an overview of TBRs free, self-paced, Faculty Accessibility Course, designed by the TN eCampus team, and a review of why accessibility matters, who it matters for, and what it looks like in practice.

June 24, 2020

Presented by: Dr. Sonya Franklin (Professor of Nursing, Cleveland State), and Karen Sorensen (Instructional Designer, Pellissippi State) and Kristina Krau Waymire (Director of Student Initiatives, TBR)

Hosts: Daphne Brown  (Student Services Coordinator, TCAT McKenzie), Patrick Davis (Dean of Academic Support, Jackson State

Accessible Instruction From the Start (Recording)


Workshop 2: Math, Equations, and Graphs; Oh Pi! 

July 22 12pm CT (1pm ET)

Presented by: Pellissippi State Faculty Susan Mosteller and Dr. Mary Monroe-Ellis

Math, Equations, and Graphs; Oh Pi! (recording)


Workshop 3: Word Wisdom

August 26 12pm CT (1pm ET)

Presented by: Cleveland State Faculty Dr. Sonya Franklin

Word Wisdom (recording)


Workshop 4: Captioning

September 23 12pm CT (1pm ET)

Presented by: TN eCampus Instructional Design Team Members Mark Chamberlain and Pamela Whitehouse

Captioning (recording)


Workshop 5: Ally

October 28 12pm CT (1pm ET)

Presented by: TN eCampus Instructional Design Team Members Dr. Nicola Wayer and Pari Bhatt

Ally (recording)


Workshop 6: Accessibility Appetizer Potluck (Bring some, take some!) 

November 13 2:30pm CT (3:30pm ET) 

Presented by: You! Bring some accessibility tips, tools, etc. Or join us and take some new accesibiltiy ideas, tips, and tools with you!

Accessibility Appetizers (link)


Workshop 7: Creating Alt Text for Images 

February 24, 2021

Presented by: Karen Sorensen (Instructional Designer, Pellissippi State), Daphne Brown (Student Service Coordinator, TCAT McKenzie) and Kristina Krau Waymire (Director of Student Initiatives, TBR)

Creating Alt Text for Image (recording)


Workshop 8: Captioning and Editing Auto-Captions

This workshop will discusses YouTube's auto-caption function and how to edit auto captions for accuracy. 

March 17, 2021 11am CT/12pm ET

Presented by: Sara Amato (Professor) and Ashley Raburn (Director of Dynamic Instruction), Cleveland State Community College.

YouTube Captioning (recording)


Workshop 9: EPubs and Texts Accessibilty 

This workshop will discusses ePubs and textbook accessibility. 

April 21, 2021 12pm CT/1pm ET

Presented by: Alice Wershing, Techinology Specialist Pellissippi State Community College.

ePubs and Text Accessibility (recording)