HIP Taxonomy: First Year Seminars/Experience

First Year Seminars/Experience

Minimum Definition of Practice

A course intended to enhance the academic and social integration of first-year students by introducing them to essential skills for college success and a supportive campus community comprised of faculty, staff, and peers. FYSs often place a strong emphasis on critical inquiry, frequent writing, information literacy, collaborative learning, and other crucial competencies. Some FYSs also feature rigorous discipline-based content.

TBR Taxonomy Project Resources

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Professional Association Resources

National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition

Culturally Inclusive Practices for FYE

Strategies and approaches to teaching and learning across cultures.Liu, J, Yao, J, Chin, KL, Xiao, J and Xu, J (2010).

Way of Thinking About Culture: An Exercise. Caroll, J. (2000).

University of Kansas' Community Tool Box