Spring 2021 Student Affairs In-Service

Each Spring, the Office of Student Success offers an in-service opportunity focused on a specific support topic in which student affairs staff and interested faculty may learn more about how to better support students. We are excited to announce this year’s training: Mental Health – Exploring the Climate and Reinforcing the Support. The keynote – Understanding and Addressing Mental Health in College Student Populations — will be hosted in conjunction with TBR's Advising Academy.  The morning will consist of Title IX, Conduct Officer, and BIT information sessions and meetings, while the afternoon will be spent exploring how to holistically support our students' mental health wellbeing.

Event Details

Date & Time: March 11, 2021, 8:30 - 3:15 pm CST. 

Location: Virtual through Microsoft Teams

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For questions, please contact:

Kristina Krau Waymire, Director of Student Initiatives - kwaymire@tbr.edu 

Session Information 

Understanding and Addressing Mental Health in College Students and Mental Health Gatekeepers: How to Identify and Support Students in Distress – Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson

Researcher and Professor Sarah Ketchen Lipson, Ph.D., EdM (she/her) will share findings from the Healthy Minds Study, a national survey of student mental health on college and university campuses. Professor Lipson will discuss overall prevalence rates, trends over time, and existing evidence around the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student mental health outcomes. She will also discuss research linking mental health and academic performance, focusing on the need to center conversations around equity in the ways we promote both wellbeing and persistence/retention in higher education. She will share evidence around inequalities by race/ethnicity and other dimensions of student identity, particularly for help-seeking and the barriers to mental health services. Additionally, Professor Lipson will share empirical evidence and personal experiences around the role of mental health “gatekeepers” and what advisors, teachers, and student affairs administrators can do to identify and support students in distress. Participants joining the breakout session immediately following the keynote will reflect on their experiences and questions to learn from one another and share best practices in their role as "gatekeepers".

Sarah Ketchen Lipson is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Law Policy and Management at the Boston University School of Public Health. She is co-Principal Investigator of the national Healthy Minds Study, an annual survey of undergraduate and graduate student mental health, which has been conducted on hundreds of college and university campuses, including dozens of community colleges.

Identifying and Assisting Students in Crisis - Dr. Sandra Perley

COVID-19 and its growing aftermath have had devastating effects on the physical and mental health well-being of our students and campus communities. It is now as important as ever to ensure that institutions, faculty, and staff are astutely aware of suicide prevention and interventions so members can learn to identify and assist someone in crisis. This session will discuss resources available in prevention and intervention efforts so participants can leave with an action plan that will equip them with the tools they need to serve as a positive resource to someone in crisis.

Dr. Sandra Perley is a retired nursing professor and taught for 26 years at a public community college. She has a master’s degree in critical care nursing from Vanderbilt University and earned her Doctorate in Education at East Tennessee State University, focusing her dissertation research on college student suicide. She currently serves on the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network Advisory Council and chaired the Higher Education Task Force which facilitated the creation of legislation requiring institutions of higher education in Tennessee create and distribute suicide prevention plans.  She is also a member of the Tennessee Department of Health Suicide Prevention Task Force. She works to increase public awareness of suicide and suicide prevention and performs trainings in schools, colleges, businesses, and public service organizations.

Serving our Veterans: Mental Health Considerations for Veteran Students – Dr. Neil Duchac

Presently, our institutions are experiencing unprecedented growth and the need for increased mental health services. The current climate and COVID-19 pandemic have further stressed an already burdened system. One population that has faced unique stressors during this time has been our student service members and veterans. This brief presentation will explore our service members and veteran students' experiences and needs on campuses throughout Tennessee. Additionally, we will discuss current demographics and best practices related to military mental health treatment. Lastly, we will look at the unique aspects of the military culture. 

Neil Duchac, DrPh, Ph.D., is currently an Assistant Professor and the Executive Director of the Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth. For the past 25 years, he has been a licensed counselor working with various populations to include active-duty service members and veterans. Neil is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia and is a National Certified Counselor and an Approved Clinical Supervisor.  Previously, he served as a Military and Veteran Affairs Fellow at Kennesaw State University. Presently, Neil serves as the co-chair for the President's Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs at Kennesaw State. 

Full Schedule

(Conduct Officers, Title IX Officers, Mental Health Counselors, Behavioral Intervention Teams)

All Times in CST Session
8:30 am Title IX Update and Code of Conduct Review – Brian Lapps, TBR General Counsel
10:00 am Behavioral Intervention Team Meeting
11:00 am Welcome – Dr. Heidi Leming, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, TBR
11:10 am Understanding and Addressing Mental Health in College Student Populations – Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson
12:20 pm Mental Health Gatekeepers: How to Identify and Support Students in Distress – Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson
1:20 pm  College Students in Crisis - Dr. Sandra Perley

Serving Our Veterans: Mental Health Considerations for Veteran Students – Dr. Neil Duchac

3:15 pm Adjourn