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Tennessee Leadership Training Institute 2021

This event was a great success! If you were not able to attend please take a look at the recordings below under the Resources tab!  


PDF icon SkillsUSA Code of Conduct & Photo Agreement 2021 PDF icon SGPC Behavior & Photo Agreement 2021 PDF icon TLTI Agenda 2021.pdf


Morning Session SKILLS USA & Student Government President's Council Recording (coming soon)

Afternoon Session Recording SKILLS USA

Afternoon Session Student Government President's Council Recording (coming soon)


Morning Session: SkillsUSA and Student Government President's Council

8:00 a.m. (CST) Welcome to TLTI!  Welcome & Introductions
8:10 a.m. (CST) Higher Education in Tennessee Dr. Heidi Leming, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, TBR
8:40 a.m. (CST) Leadership in a Word Kristina Krau Waymire, Director of Student Initiatives, TBR
8:50 a.m. (CST) What is SkillsUSA? Shania Willyard, SkillsUSA State Director, TBR
9:00 a.m. (CST) What is Student Government President’s Council? Kristina Krau Waymire
9:10 a.m.(CST) Achieving your Goals the SMART Way Shania Willyard
9:40 a.m.(CST) 10-minute Break  
9:50 a.m.(CST) Finish Line Exploration Kristina Krau Waymire
10:30 a.m. (CST) Tennessee Governance Chuck Grimes, External Affairs, TBR
11:00 a.m. (CST) Lunch Break, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST  

Afternoon Session: Skills USA

12:00 p.m. (CST) Welcome SkillsUSA Members! Shania Willyard
12:10 p.m (CST) The SkillsUSA Framework Shania Willyard
12:35 p.m. (CST) Essential Elements: Professionalism and Communication Karen Palmer, SkillsUSA TN PS Vice President, 2020-2021
12:50 p.m. (CST) Tell Your Framework Story Joy Rich, Assistant Vice President Workforce Development, Motlow State Community College
1:15 p.m. (CST) Break – 10 minutes  
1:25 p.m. (CST) The SkillsUSA Program of Work Overview Shania Willyard
1:45 p.m (CST) Chapter Program of Work Experience Daphne Brown, Student Success Coordinator, TBR
1:55 p.m (CST) Chapter Program of Work Experience Ernestine Peete, SkillsUSA Advisor, TCAT Memphis
2:05 p.m (CST) Chapter Excellence Program Overview Shania Willyard
2:20 p.m  (CST) Chapter Excellence Program Experience Rob Alford, SkillsUSA Advisor, TCAT Pulaski
2:30 p.m.  (CST) Chapter Excellence Program Experience Angela Richardson, SkillsUSA Advisor, TCAT Harriman
2:40 p.m  (CST) State Officer Election Process Shania Willyard
3:00 p.m  (CST) Closing  

Afternoon Session: Student Government President's Council

12:00 p.m. (CST) SGPC Business Meeting Kristina Krau Waymire
12:30 p.m (CST) SGPC Meeting Kristina Krau Waymire
1:30-3:15 p.m. (CST) SGPC Interviews Kristina Krau Waymire

Registration Is Closed

For questions, regarding late registration please contact: 

Kristina Krau Waymire, Director of Student Initiatives, kristina.waymire@tbr.edu or 615-365-1560

Shania Willyard, SkillsUSA TN PS Director, shania.willyard@tbr.edu or 615-366-4497


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