Title IX Annual Report Form

Each TBR institution must submit an annual Title IX report to the System Office by Friday, August 11, 2023.

Instructions for Title IX Coordinator: Use this checklist to ascertain your institution’s compliance with Title IX. If you decide not to certify compliance status, then your institution has a duty to follow up on any deficiencies which affected that decision.

  1. Services from this institution are provided to employees, applicants, students and other parties without regard to gender.

  2. An employee has been appointed to serve as the Title IX Coordinator for the institution.

  3. A written procedure exists for hearing Title IX complaints for all parties.

  4. Records are maintained regarding all alleged cases of gender based discrimination or harassment.

  5. Title IX posters are prominently displayed and are used to emphasize the Title IX program and complaint procedures.

  6. All parties are specifically informed about their responsibilities under Title IX.

  7. New employees are clearly informed about their responsibilities under Title IX.

  8. Contracts between the institution and vendors/sub-contractors contain provisions regarding the vendor/sub-contractor responsibilities to clients under Title IX standards.

If you are not able to indicate “yes” to any of these standards found on the web form below, you must submit documentation to state reason(s) for non-compliance and measures to be taken.

Campus Information

Campus Compliance

Please indicate your institution's compliance with the following statements.

Please record any complaints filed with your office during the 2021-22 Fiscal Year.

If your institution had less than 5 complaints, enter the information here.

More than 5 should be uploaded as an Excel file with the required fields.

Date complaint was filed.Gender of complainantBasis for the chargeFormal complaint under Sexual Misconduct PolicyBrief summary (50 words or less)Findings/ConclusionsCurrent Status
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Complaint #5
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Declaration of Respondent and Administrative Head

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