Information Technology

IT Service Road Map

Establish how to most effectively support the current anf future information system needs of TBR stakeholders including the Universities, Community Colleges, TCATs and the Central Office

Bring value-added capabilities to shared enterprise systems for administrative functions

Establish a roadmap to strengthen IT Services

Identify organizational capabilities that support institutional needs and student success










TN Promise Phase III

Add the ability to the RZATNPC form to sort certification records by whether the student is attending a part of term that starts after the term begin date.

Import two TN Promise files (application and institutional report)

Enhance the RZPTNPC form to NOT copy inactive cohorts during certifcation process (RZPTNPC)

Additional coding for further enhancements in process



TBR IT Help Desk implementation

  • Provide Help Desk functionality to all TBR constituents
  • Functionality to record tickets and track responses and deliverables
  • Creating a knowledge base of solutions
  • Developing a catalog of services offered
  • Providing a mechanism for constituents to track open tickets
  • Building a reporting mechanism for analyzing service delivery


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