Common Data Repository Buildout

SAS contract approved for central data repository build

CDR Steering Committee working with SAS on Project Charter

Project team to be assembled by SAS and TBR

Start Date: 
April, 2016
Completion Date: 
April, 2017
Project Status: 
Project Category: 
Project Notes: 

TBR personnel continue working to identify relevant tables and columns and evaluating extract data logic

WSeekly project meetings are ongoing

Database platform and data migration techniques have been approved by the CDR team

CRD team currently planning server build out to be followed by multiple application installations

Once the database server is available and required data fields are identified, test/dummy data will be made available for SAS to begin matching trials and other extract/transform/load operations testing

SAS is finalizing requirements documents

SAS and CDR project manager will be presenting at TENNAIR August 8 through 10

Project Owner: