Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS)

Script to be created to account for a new deduction for the stabilization reserve. This is not required only provided as an added service.


Script to update the existing deduction for new actuarially determined rate. Again, not required but provides added service.


New report to provide information to calculate the stabilization  reserve amount. REQUIRED to provide information related to labor distribution, percentages, and employer contribution amounts for the deduction code for the stabilization reserve. 


Update the existing TCRS report to separate stabilization reserve amount in the employer contribution from the actuarially determined rate. REQUIRED because schools use the report for balancing each month. 

Start Date: 
May, 2016
Completion Date: 
November, 2016
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Project Notes: 

Enhancement requested to allow the program to be run prior to PHPUPDT (Payroll Update process)

Current version selects employer codes from the PERDTOT table

The PERDTOT table is not updated until PHPUPDT is run in the payroll process

The enhancement will allow the program to be run prior to updating payroll in order for institutions to make adjustments


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