Council of Buyers Contact List

Council of Buyers

Officer Institution Contact
Billy Mueller Procurement and Contract Services The University of Memphis 901-678-5348
Constance Butts Assistant Director of Procurement Services The University of Memphis 901-678-2353
Donna Wallis Assistant Director of Purchasing & Contracts Tennessee Tech University 931-372-3492
Doris Lowe Purchasing Director East Tennessee State University 423-439-6889
Jennifer Nelson Associate Director Purchasing Tennessee State University 615-963-5190
Joel Sims Director of Procurement Services Tennessee State University 615-963-5181
John Montgomery Contract Compliance Manager Middle Tennessee State University 615-898-2088
Judy Blain Director of Purchasing 931-221-7691
Kathy Kelley Associate Vice President for Procurement & Contract Services 423-439-7481
Kimberly Williams Assistant Vice President of Administrative and Business Services 615-898-2088
Lesia Pendleton Senior Purchasing Agent 423-439-6890
Mark Thomas Procurement Compliance Officer 901-678-4121
Mary Jane Staples Assistant Director - Procurement Logistic Services 615-898-5166
Randal Jones Procurement Compliance Officer East Tennessee State University 423-439-4803
Shirman Thomas Executive Director of Procurement Logistic Services Middle Tennessee State University 615-898-2516
Kristie Farris Purchasing Agent Chattanooga State Community College 423-697-3143
Christy Dale Director of Business Services Cleveland State Community College 423-614-8758
Barbara Brakebill Coordinator (Ttc) College of Applied Technology 423-744-2814
Chris Ayers Vice President College of Applied Technology 865-882-6703
Cynthia Zwingle Financial Coordinator 2 College of Applied Technology 615-441-6220
Deanna Shaw Financial Services College of Applied Technology 615-795-4651
Debra Rogers Financial Support Associate 7 - Technical College - Whiteville College of Applied Technology 731-254-8521
Jonathan Arnold Coordinator of Purchasing Columbia State Community College 931-540-2538
Beth Mullins Director of Administrative Services Dyersburg State Community College 731-286-3358
Dart Hemrick Director of Purchasing & Contracts Jackson State Community College 731-425-2636
Katherine Green Purchasing and Contract Specialist Motlow State Community College 931-393-1930
Lisa Myers Assistant Vice President for Fiscal Services Motlow State Community College 931-393-1611
Mark Hodges Manager of Purchasing and Contracts Nashville State Community College 615-353-3303
Bernice Hagaman Purchasing Northeast State Community College 423-323-0208
Matthew Kitzmiller Director of Budgeting and Financial Analysis Northeast State Community College 423-354-2518
John Clark Director of Purchasing/Auxiliary Services Pellissippi State Community College 865-694-6601
Dana West Director of Purchasing, Contracts & Budgets Roane State Community College 865-882-4657
Jeanette Smith Chief Financial Officer Southwest Tennessee Community College 901-333-4978
Lana Harris Senior Purchasing Agent Southwest Tennessee Community College 901-333-4430
Melissa Street Purchasing Agent Southwest Tennessee Community College 901-333-4552
Lorie Goodgine Coordinator of Financial and Personnel Services TCAT McKenzie 731-644-7365
Shavon Hill Assistant Fiscal/HR Coordinator TCAT Memphis 901-543-9083
Teresa Yates Financial Associate Support 7 TCAT Northwest 731-627-2511 Ext. 1103
Angela Flynn Associate Vice Chancellor for Procurement, Contracts and Payment Services Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-4436
Angie Freeman Procurement and Travel Management Associate Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-3924
Brian York Director of Procurement and Travel Management Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-3998
Casey Carrigan Director of Contracts and Reporting Tennessee Board of Regents 615-365-1556
Crystal Rozenbaum Associate, Contracts & Reporting Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-2200
Danyelle Johnson Procurement Diversity Coordinator Tennessee Board of Regents 615-365-1558
Jennie Schuller Procurement and Travel Management Associate Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-4411
Lee Ann Lowe Procurement and Travel Management Associate Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-2228
Michelle Terry Procurement and Travel Management Associate Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-3946
Stacy Keisling Associate, Contracts & Reporting Tennessee Board of Regents 615-366-3934
Molly Rowden Manager of Purchasing and Contracts Volunteer State Community College 615-230-3352
Renee Austin Assistant Vice President Business Office Volunteer State Community College 615-230-3587
Clint Williams Coordinator of Contracts and Policies Walters State Community College 423-585-6898
Renee Jarnigan Coordinator of Purchasing Walters State Community College 423-585-6960