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Student Regent Application 2018

Application due Friday, February 23, 2018.

What is the TBR Student Regent?

The Tennessee Board of Regents selects three nominees annually for the position of TBR Student Regent as required by statute (TCA 49-8-201 (b)). The TBR Student Regent must be a resident of Tennessee. The student is expected to attend each of the quarterly meetings of the TBR and other committee meetings as necessary as a full, voting member of the Board. The student is also expected to travel throughout the state as needed to fulfill his/her duties. The student must articulate the students’ point of view regarding Board agenda topics. The term of service is one year.

What is the THEC Student Representative?

The Tennessee Board of Regents selects two nominees for THEC Student Representative every other year as required by statute (TCA 49-7-204 (c)). The THEC Student Representative must be a resident of Tennessee. The majority of the fundamental responsibility of the THEC representative is similar to that of the TBR Student Regent (see above). The terms of service is two years. The first year, as a non-voting student member and the second year as the voting student member (interchanging with the student representative from the UT system). THIS POSITION IS AVAILABLE IN 2018.

What are the minimum qualifications to apply for a Student Regent position?

  • A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA as recorded on the most recent semester’s transcript from the home institution.

  • Full-time enrollment at a Tennessee Board of Regents institution during year(s) of service.

  • Good judicial standing with the home institution (no outstanding judicial record, no outstanding judicial sanctions, no prior judicial history deemed of serious nature by selection committee).

  • A resident of Tennessee (as verified by the home institution).

  • Previous or current service as a SGA Senator for one year or service in a formal leadership role with a student organization sponsored by the home institution.