International Education Annual Report

International Education Representatives for each campus are asked to complete the following questions for the 2019-20 academic year.

Please submit your response by Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

Since the report is due in the summer term when many trips occur and faculty may be unavailable, institutions are encouraged to start working on the report prior to the end of the spring term and can submit in advance of the established deadline.


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Special considerations for the 2019-20 Report:

  • Please note that TBR Policy 2:08:10:00 reporting requirements (approved in summer 2015 when it was Guideline A-076) are included in this report.
  • Campus Crisis Plans may be uploaded as part of this annual report, but campuses must submit their crisis response plans by April 1 of each year.
  • At this time, we are unable to have you save your work as you progress through the report. As such, please review the questions in advance, collect your responses and supporting documentation, and then input data to the online form when you have all your information.

Section A: Campus Internationalization Efforts

Section B: Policy Revisions

Section C: Active Memorandums

Institution NameCountryPurpose - specify if other than exchange
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