Course Revitalization Grant Proposal Requirements 2019 -2020

While the TBR system offers a wide array of courses every semester, most of the system enrollment is concentrated in a relatively small number of classes. These courses play both a critical curricular role in all of our programs, and also contribute disproportionately to student success. This initiative is intended to support a system-wide effort to improve student success and learning in these classes. This initiative will empower teams of faculty to impact these most pivotal and influential courses and create superior pedagogy that will impact student learning at the heart of every program.


Faculty from any of the TBR Community Colleges and the former TBR Universities, now known as the Locally Governored Institutions,  are eligible to submit a proposal. Course revitalization proposals targeting high enrollment gateway classes submitted by teams of two or more faculty members will be considered for funding.  Collaborative projects between 2 teams of faculty that bundle at least 2 courses either within an institution or involving multiple institutions are encouraged.  Each team in the collaborative will be funded separately.

Funding Levels:

Team Composition Number of Courses    Stipend Level
2 faculty members one course     $9,000
3 or more faculty members one course     $13,500

Funding from TBR will also be available to fund the institutional share of benefits. One half of the stipend is distributed upon selection after an invoice is received from the lead faculty member's institutional business office, the other half upon completion of all aspects of the project which may include attending faculty development, developing the course, piloting of the course, evaluating the outcome of the project, and disseminating the results.